[Video Review] – DED – “FMFY”


Artist: DED

Video: “FMFY

Rating: 9/10


DED is hitting hard with an aggressive anthem that gives you a shudder and makes you realize the destruction going on around you. The Phoenix rockers release this apocalyptic vision of the world in the video “FMFY.”


The video is full of octane and aggressive pannings around explosions and mayhem. There are flashes of flames and devastation. The lead singer Joe Cotela’s eyes are milked out white to give a more sinister look at the audience as he belts out the line of the title of “FMFY.”


The camera is a bit unsteady around the band’s as they perform to give a sense of unbalance in the equilibrium. The camera pans around the band rocking out in the mayhem of a dilapidated building. There are flashing images of fighter planes and soldiers marching to all out war.

“Monkey see and monkey do
Monkey does the same as you.”


I have to give it to DED, the video is a lil decrepit and shakey, and the world is in ruins and we should start over new. The video ends with a riot ensuing as the music fades out with the words “You know it’s the truth!”

I would recommend this video to the masses, link is below.

DED Official Video for “FMFY

DED is

Joe Cotela (Vocals)
David Ludlow (Guitar)
Kyle Koelsch (Bass)
Matt Reinhard (Drums)