VIDEO REVIEW: I See Stars “Murder Mitten”


Moving on to better things in life, accepting change and never losing hope after you find it. That’s the whole premise of the song “Murder Mitten” by electronicore band I See Stars. The first video off the new album New Demons, Murder Mitten is a powerful video filled with imagery and a look into the personal history of frontman Devin. With the addition of home video snippets at the beginning and the end (plus a message from Devin and his brother to their mom Debra) to add a personal touch, this video has some emotion to it. After the first home video snippet, you have the band performing , shots of suburban Detroit, and a mysterious man (who I will assume is Devin) walking through the desolate and abandoned streets. There are even more home video snippets of Devin the add more personal history as the video goes on. The mom is struggling with debt, a (my pure speculation) drinking problem, and she even collapses in the kitchen in front of the stove. The man begins to pain on an empty wall, and his red paint mural is the “I” logo off the album cover. Cut to the interlude before the aggressive dubstep ending, and the band smashes the instruments, the man destroys his mural by splattering the can of paint on it, and the mom is crying. Even more home video snippets are added here. Finally, the last home video roles and the message to mom is displayed.

“‘Change is inevitable and may not introduce itself in the kindest of all ways. The idea is to find hope in something. Anything. Never lose hope in yourself. Never lose hope in family. This song is dedicated to Debra Oliver, who has finally found hope in the world again. We all love you, mom.’

-Devin & Andrew Oliver”

A powerful and emotional video, I See Stars has released an amazing companion visual to the already stellar track from the album New Demons. I highly recommend watching this video, which will be embedded below.

Rating: 10/10