VIOLENT Tackles The Hardships Of Mental Illness In New Single, ‘A Demon In Me’!

Chugcore has exclusively premiered the returning single of UK’s Downtempo warriors, VIOLENT! The group returns to the scene with a brand new line-up, and their brand new single, ‘A Demon In Me’! The song tackles the hardships of struggling with mental illness and facing your inner demons head on. Ben Mason from Bound In Fear made an appearance. The music video is done by the one and only Loki Films. In hard times where musicians are struggling to captivate new viewers in genres in the realm of Downtempo and Beatdown, this is refreshing.

A Demon In Me is a very crushing Downtempo single. In it’s purest form. The length of the track is a little over 5 minutes. FIVE MINUTES of crushing metal. The song does not have a single drop-off point. The song builds up perfectly to it’s climax ending with Ben Mason, the guest feature. The song was mixed by Keir Campbell of Bound In Fear, Chugcore, and Kascade Mixing & Mastering. Very clean, crisp production, and quite impressive. Every aspect of the track shines in various forms throughout the song.Hopefully this means an album is in the works. Time will tell! Violent’s first EP was very satisfying. I’m excited to see what the new line-up is capable of!

Spin A Demon In Me here: