Of Virtue Interview | 2018

Hey guys, I’m here today to present to you a recorded interview I got the pleasure of having with the band Of Virtue. The layout of the video you see below will be as follows:

Torn Apart – 0:00 – 4:01

Interview – 4:01 – 31:01

Surrounded – 31:01 – 35:14

Interview Questions:

So what is the is the origin story for Of Virtue? What brought you all together?

Listening to your tracks, from 5 years ago and up until now, a lot of your lyrical content seems to do with spreading a message of human conditions and how we all struggle.
What inspired this to be that message for Of Virtue, and what’s kept that message alive?

Following up with Salvation, your last album from 2015, what all do you plan on incorporating in your newer work/projects? Whether that be lyrically, vocally, instrumentally, etc.

So you guys are still on tour in the midst of this interview, how is that tour coming along? Has everything ran smoothly? Has there been any hiccups? What memories have you made so far from this tour you’re currently on?

Now, with Torn Apart, a newer single, what is the story? Obviously it deals with suicide, but is there an underlying story?

What keeps you going now as a band? What’s your motivation or inspriation?

Is there any advice you’d give to bands who are wanting to make the same kind of impact you guys are?

What are some after tour plans that you guys have in mind?



With that all out of the way, please enjoy the interview and give us a follow and like, and do the same for Of Virtue if you don’t mind. They were stellar people and I cannot wait to see what they have in store for us in the future. Side note, if you’re wondering why the picture looks blurry, it’s because there was an issue with Adobe Premiere that I was having, however, the audio is 10/10 though. You know, for a Skype recording. Anyway, enjoy!