Of Virtue Releases Eye-Opening New Single “Surrounded”

Of Virtue Releases Eye-Opening New Single “Surrounded” with Alternative Press

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Imagine a world where xenophobia, racism, bigotry and hatred are the new normal. Sadly, in the current state that our world is in, it might as well be our near future. Every day, people are getting bullied because they’re not the “right” sexual orientation, gender, race, ethnic background or have some sort of conflicting views, that skew from the normal. Today, Of Virtue, returns in a big way to combat these issues with their new single, “Surrounded.” Premiered via Alternative Press this past Friday, the video depicts the band in full riot mode, as they seek to show society that these things will not be tolerated. Also, on full display, is the band’s new sound which (while still experimental) borders between modern metalcore, nu-metal and an arena-ready chant that is sure to get fans pumping their fists! This track is explosive, intriguing and keeps you guessing with each second as the message comes across clear as day.

With “Surrounded,” their purpose has never been more clear. They’re more than just a band or the music, they’re a movement and this is your call-to-arms against the wrongs that society has done! Will you stand up and fight for those who cannot? Or will you sit in silence, like so many before you, and be bullied into submission? The choice is yours, but time is running out. Of Virtue is currently in the studio working on new music, which promises to be their boldest yet… so stay tuned!

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