Voodoo Dolls | Exclusive Single Premiere/Album Release Date/Track List

Previously this year, you may have heard of a band whose single, Fairytale, was premiered through us with permission of the band. Now, the Voodoo Dolls are coming out with not only a single that you get to hear with us first, but, also the release date for the Debut Album The Marked Ones! According to vocalist Damian Flynn, the album is set to be released as of October 31st. Now, since they are a local band in my area, I’ve gotten the chance to hear a lot of what they have in store for The Marked Ones. The sound can already be said to have an industrial vibe to it. Essentially, the way the already revealed music from this album is conducted live, has set this up to look like it is something akin to music from artists such as Nine Inch Nails, Orgy, and Marilyn Manson. According to information I’ve gathered, this album is a concept album that will have influences from ideologies based around a cult concept. All in all, something very dark and immersive is heading our way, and it’s coming on October 31st, but, in the meantime, we have the Voodoo Dolls newest Single Covenant here for you to listen to down below. Also, they have a show coming up on September 9th to battle other bands for the chance to play during Kattfest. If you want to support the band and help them play at Kattfest, get yourself a ticket for the show at the Diamond Ballroom! Tickets are 13 dollars and the show starts at 3, the Voodoo Dolls set begins at 5:40. And, as always, support your local scene! Below is also the tracklist for The Marked Ones. Included also are some pictures from the band themselves in regards to the album. Enjoy!


Burn The Witch | The Book | Haunting | Fairytale | Broken | The Ritual | Covenant | Unraveling | Hollow | (the)Plague | The Marked Ones | Control (Halsey Cover)

Covenant (Official Audio Video):

Additional Pictures:

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