Warmer In The Winter | Lindsey Stirling | Album Review (2017)

Well, it’s about that time of the year. We are half way through October, and almost to the start of November, but, you know what comes after that? Christmas. Speaking of Christmas, a violinist that we all know and love is hitting the scene with some brand spanking new renditions of classic heartwarming songs that just bring out that vibrant and cheerful Christmas spirit! Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you, from the critically acclaimed electronic violinist Lindsey Stirling, the first ever holiday album Warmer in The Winter.

With an album like Warmer in The Winter, there is a lot of expectations to be had since it’s at its roots a cover album, with the exception of a few tracks. There is the expectation that the songs should do some sort of justice to the originals, or at least whatever would be the most adored rendition of the said Christmas/Holiday song. There is also the idea that you need to be able to add your own sort of flavor to the mix. Make the song your own, while not straying too far from the base sound of the song, unless you do it carefully and articulately. With Warmer in The Winter, those expectations seem to be reached indefinitely. If you have ever followed Lindsey Stirling before her days of album making and original songwriting, she has always done a phenomenal job of creating fantastic recreations of songs, a prime example of that being Radioactive originally done by Imagine Dragons. The way that her style of play meshed with Pentatonix was absolute magic. That same magic is still very much alive and is now entering into the heart of Christmas/The Holidays. Speaking of collaboration, in Warmer in The Winter, we see that there are also collaborations with artists such as Sabrina Carpenter, Trombone Shorty, and also Alex Gaskarth of All Time Low. Even with the originals, the album plays along the lines of the ideal Christmas album, or what makes one so to speak.

Moving into the likes and dislikes, let’s start with the likes. The highlights of Warmer in The Winter are definitely within the originality displayed within the tracks. It was carefully done and played out. From not even looking at who was doing this music, you would be able to instantly tell exactly who was orchestrating this music. That’s the goal as an artist creating renditions of beloved or well-known music wants to go for, and Lindsey nailed it right on the head. Not to mention, the originals are just that, original. The original tracks follow the theme so much so that you may even listen through the track without even thinking about the fact they are a cover. That’s absolutely critical, especially for a holiday album.

Now, in regards to dislikes, there really isn’t too much to go on, if I’m going to be a 100% honest. Warmer in The Winter is, for lack of a better word, solid. If anything, I just wish there was more. However, we take what we can get. A note to add, I’m actual really pleased with the mixing and production put into this album, the work and effort shows greatly.

Furthermore, as we close this review, I’d just like to say, as a fan of Lindsey Stirling since the early days of her musical career on YouTube, it’s been incredible to see her progression as a musician, and it’s amazing to see the content being put out doesn’t run it’s colors dry. The album is out now, so go ahead and grab yourself a copy, and, if you get it at Target, a little birdie told me there may be some extra tracks, some “deluxe” extra tracks. Keep an eye out, there also may be a tour in your midst very soon as well.


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Score: 8/10

Favorite Tracks: Warmer in The Winter, Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy