A Warped Tour Interview With Anthony Barro of New Years Day


California based hard rockers New Years Day was one of the bands playing the Tilly’s Stage this year on the Vans Warped Tour. I had a chance to sit down with the bassist Anthony Barro at the July 29th show in Charlotte, NC two hours before their set time to discuss the music’s influence on their fans, what it’s like performing on the tour, and other things.

New Transcendence: I’m sitting here with Anthony Barro from New Years Day. How are you today Anthony?

Anthony: I’m good, I’m good. How about yourself?

NT: I’m good. The atmosphere has me pumped. So my first question for you is what does it feel like when a fan tells you that your music changed their life?

Anthony: It’s an amazing feeling. I honestly think it changes everyone’s life. When a fan says it changed their life or it saved their life, it’s really the same thing. The people who are stuck at home feeling lonely, their only escape is music and it feels amazing knowing that we’ve had that kind of impact.

NT: I bet. It’s gotta make everything worth it. My second question is what is the craziest thing a fan has made you sign?

Anthony: Today alone, I had a fan come up to me asking me to sign one of those free condoms that they got from the Trojan tent. It was pretty weird I suppose.

NT: That’s just plain hilarious. Now, if you could tour with one band, who would it be?

Anthony: I’d resurrect My Chemical Romance to tour with them. But if it’s current bands, I’d love to tour with The Used.

NT: Both tours would be amazing. I’d kill to see them. A little personal, but what’s the worst habit you see in the band?

Anthony: Everyone has that little quirk that irritates someone, but mine personally is more of an annoyance. Jake Jones, our guitarist, is messy. It’s not that bad, but it’s annoying at times.

NT: Understandable. Do you have any personal favorite song?

Anthony: Mine is Hello Darkness. It came from the fans. All their stories they told us, how they feel. That song was inspired by them and wrote for them.

NT: I always loved those kinds of songs. If you weren’t in the band, would any member of your family still be a fan of the music?

Anthony: Probably my older sister Valerie. I was never a fan of music until I was like 13. She got me into the music I listen to today, so we share our musical tastes for the most part.

NT: So the music runs in the family. I wish I could say the same. So, more personal stories, you got any embarrassing stories from recording?

Anthony: Our good friend Erik Ron and us, we went to dinner at a restaurant near the studio in LA. It’s the last night of recording Victim To Villain and we are on a deadline. We just had a few things to finish up. Well, we got back and he had locked the keys in the studio. We had to call a locksmith to get us in. Luckily we got in and finished everything in time, but yeah that was pretty embarrassing.

NT: Good thing everything came out alright in the end. My final question is what was the inspiration for the band name New Years Day?

Anthony: It was honestly a last minute choice. My take on it is the new year is a great way to start over. Hell, even waking up in the morning is a fresh start. We find our music is a fresh start to any problems you have. To fix them and make things right.

NT: Well thank you for your time today Anthony. Can’t wait to see you perform!

Anthony: You’re welcome and thanks man!

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