Waste Start a New Chapter with Latest Single “Two-Face”


To live in 2023 is to require one to have multiple “sides” to their personality—to wear different hats, masks, whatever you want to call it—because it’s simply too exhausting to just be yourself all the time. Maybe I’m jaded, but I’d venture that most people probably feel the same—for better or worse, you can’t be the person you are on The Bird App or Facebook as you can be to your boss, or your mom. You get it. However while many might have a second “face,” so to speak, I’d also venture that few are as ruthless and violent as that demonstrated by Minnesotan deathcore act Waste on their long-awaited new single, “Two-Face.” Featuring a new vocalist but the same penchant for pure punishment, Waste lash out with four minutes of unrelenting fury in the form of colossal grooves and crushing breakdowns both.
While Waste’s debut album was strong and fairly received, it—as well as the imminent departure of their vocalist—left those who had come to love the midwestern underground heavyweights wondering what to expect (and when to expect it). After a robust quietus, our collective patience is rewarded with a frontrunner for one of 2023’s most barbaric singles to date. “Two-Face” is a beatdown-tinted, downtempo-dusted deathcore track that spends the lion’s share of its run time obliterating the listener below steamrolling kick drums and bone-grinding, dissonant fretwork. When it isn’t the devastating instrumentation digging into the listener’s skull, its the band’s vocal effort—the first formal release from their new vocalist. Grisly bellows wreak tandem havoc with a grating mid-range yell to complement the hefty chugging and mammoth percussion perfectly. If the unquestionable girth of the single itself doesn’t satisfy the listener, the band’s accompanying music video is sure to, blending the standard fare performance cuts with a gritty, loose plot that gives the track even more impact.

By: Connor Welsh
For Fans Of: Bodysnatcher, Left to Suffer, To the Grave, Extortionist