Witness The Return of Heartist With An Brand New Song & EP Release Date

For the last 5 years Heartist has remained fairly under the radar. After releasing their first full length, Feeding Fiction, in 2014 the band grew quiet. The group found quick success with their debut extended play, Nothing You Didn’t Deserve‘, which found it’s way to the scene in 2012. Finding further evolution in their music the group pushed for an original metalcore sound. Evolving further on that material the group utilizes groovy riffs with harsh raspy clean vocals. A sound that has made them truly unique. At the end of 2018 & beginning of 2019 the band began posting teaser videos and made way to the stage. March was met with the release of ‘Waste My Time’, which confirmed the band was back.

Their new EP, ‘Sleep’, is set to release June 7th, 2019. With the announcement of the release date the band has also released a brand new song titled ‘Obey’! 

Both songs prove that the changing Rock band has built around their established unique sound found in earlier records. Check out both singles below!


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