Wølvhaven release their debut EP “The Voiceless”

Wølvhaven is a promising new outfit from out of the midwest. The band’s origins is planted in deathcore with elements from other genre’s closely related. The up and coming group is a fresh band that launched their first release earlier this year. Throughout the year Wølvhaven has unleashed three singles, all that showcased Wølvhaven’s energy, and unique execution. Follow the release of the singles, Wølvhaven has recently released their debut album “The Voiceless”, and we are pretty impressed once we laid our ears upon the album. The pure power and energy that Wølvhaven presents is what really pulls me in. The song’s are versatile, and throughout the album moments hit that you aren’t expecting, but you welcome because they go well and are executed properly. The Voiceless is a 8 track record that totals out above 20 minutes. I’m not easily impressed, but when a band demonstrates pure talent without being carried with studio polish, I simply can’t resist adding to my playlist.  There is always room for improvement, but giving the band is just starting to turn gears – we’re excited to see where they go!