Xerophthalmia Slams Their Way Into The Scene With Debut Song, ‘DEVIANCY’!

Fresh faces are appearing left and right in our ever evolving music scene. Xerophthalmia dabs in the realm of Slamming Deathcore. The trio is based in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Their debut EP, ‘Forlorn//Hope‘, is set to drop worldwide June 14th, 2019! The debut track from the Oklahoma outfit shows a very promising premise for their EP! Xerophthalmia Blends core genre components with groove and musicianship. Premiering on Slam Worldwide and gathering views very quickly.

‘Deviancy’ is only the beginning for the trio. Full of intense, satisfying riffs – the guitar play the band has is an hook all in itself. Xerophthalmia shows compassion for groove within their instrumentals. All the while keeping key elements intact. Something I’d love to see live. The vocal work is favorable to their instrumentals. Utilizing an wide range of vocal techniques, and done so very well. Below you can check out the single!